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Kristine Vollmer
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Kristine vollmer
Today your restaurant went from one of my favorites to one I am very turned off of. It was a miscommunication. I'm looking at the lunch menu which showed teriyaki to be 9.99. I asked if they had salmon Teriyaki. The answer was yes. What I understood with the language barrier was There was only one piece. I said fine. I wasn't that hungry So when I got the bill Instead of 9.99 I got a bill For over $18.00! When I asked the girl why $18 and not $9.99 she told me they don't serve salmon at lunch. Just dinner. Well no one told me that. I have been telling friends About your sushi and even Taken pictures and sent Texts so they could see the presentation. I cannot believe that they Didn't offer to take the bill Back and change the Amount. Thank you Kristine
Chris Anderson
It would be very helpful to list what ingredients are in your "rolls". It's hard to order sushi, etc. if you don't know what it's composed of.